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One family, one brand

Since 1971 reisenthel has been synonymous with innovative ideas, functional design and delightful everyday helpers. Together, we are reisenthel®. We aim for simplicity. This is why reisenthel products are straightforward and uncomplicated. They make life easier. And they brighten up your day – whether you are shopping, working or travelling.

The creativity behind reisenthel®

reisenthel's innovative design is successful because it is functional, practical for everyday use and has a unique clarity of form. And because it is the result of creativity and passion. New ideas grow where practical inventiveness goes hand-in-hand with a sound instinct for trends. Making the result a real reisenthel product. Katja Horst's designs define both the appearance and variety of reisenthel style. Katja drives innovation and works with her team to develop beautiful, carefully conceived products with a flair for functional detail.

Innovative, intelligent and practical – these are the qualities that make reisenthel products what they are. The entire product portfolio attracts customers with its functional design, ease of use and unique style.

Reisenthel Singapore The iconic carrybag

Only genuine with the little red tag

The seal of quality of a reisenthel brand original embodies product development with passion and expertise. And an unmistakeable look. Thanks to our enormous range of products in a wide range of variations, reisenthel is part of our customers' lives and our practical and innovative everyday helpers accompany them where ever they go.